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Halal Cart Lunch in New York City

halal cart

Many of you might think that something that is so Middle Eastern to have the word “Halal” in the name couldn’t be a part of the foodie scene in any major US city, but then again, New York City is the modern Rome, where people, customs, languages, and food come from all corners of the world to fuse.  Is it any wonder that we now have halal carts dotting the City?

“Halal” is the Muslim version of the Jewish Kosher, regarding food.  If it’s not Halal, a Muslim can’t eat it, just as with a religious Jew, if it ain’t Kosher, it’s not allowed.

In Halal, other than total restrictions on non allowed foods, most notably pork products, the animals that make up the meat have to be ritually killed in a certain way for it to be halal.  Some people are opposed to halal for ethical and animal cruelty reasons, or even political ones.  I have to mention that because, hey, it’s a hot button issue.

I don’t want to get into that, but I want to talk a bit about these halal carts.

Read on, fellow foodies!

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Shrimp Scampi Pasta Recipe From Heaven

shrimp scampi pasta recipe

The Looney Foodie bets that there are tons of people searching for a shrimp scampi pasta recipe and let me start off on a tangent here to get us all in the mood.

Anyone ever see that Albert Brooks & Meryl Streep movie (with Rip Torn adding his own unique comedic skills), Defending Your Life?

In that movie they are in a sort of pre Heavenly way station where everyone wears togas and lives the hotel lifestyle where you can socialize and eat to your heart’s content and never gain any weight.

Well, I imagine that this shrimp scampi pasta recipe maybe originated in that Heavenly hotel on high…

Let’s get to it.

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italian sausage soup pasta e fagioli pasta fazool

The Foodie has come up with a recipe that will knock your socks off if you like the combination of Italian, sausage, and spicy.

Yes, fellow food lovers!

This recipe is done in the style of Pasta e Fagioli, incorrectly phonetically spelled by many as “pasta fazool”, and in this version we get rid of the boring pasta and beans (which you can leave in if you must) but we add Italian sausage and we make it spicy. We use a non sweet tomato sauce as the base and we make this as a chunky soup.

Imagine an Italian lumberjack, if any exist, and he comes home from a rough day chopping down olive trees or something like that.

We’ll call him Giuseppe.

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Hot Pepper Capsaicin May Prevent Some Colon Cancer

habanero types

The chemical that causes spicy peppers like habaneros and makes pepper sauce hot  is called capsaicin.

The exciting news is that capsaicin has been shown to reduce the incidence of colorectal tumors in mice.

Rodents are used in many medical studies due to having similar reactions to various stimuli as humans.

This is how it is thought to work.

When capsaicin is administered to mice, a receptor in their intestinal wall is activated in a chronic manner, and this process seems to spawn a reaction that radically lowers the incidence of tumors, as well as increasing their lifespan.

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white pizza recipe

The Looney Foodie loves building on prior victories.

If you look back, this white pizza recipe will rely on your having a great pizza dough recipe, which we have covered, and also the process to place the dough onto a pan or a pizza stone and turn it into a crispy crust that you will use to make any pizza that you want.

In many ways, this article has already been written by me, but you have to get that knowledge under your belt in order to make a white pizza recipe that will surprise even a pizza chef.

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