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Insanely Strong Coffee Comes to Kick Your American Ass Out of Bed

strong coffee

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Americans love to work, and work more they will because they won’t be able to sleep if they drink the strongest coffee in the world.

A new strong coffee contender for the strongest coffee crown is in the ring, and it’s a South African fighter called Black Insomnia Coffee, which is claiming to be the strongest coffee on Earth.

That’s some claim.

Well, it’s apparently not unfounded.

This South African company will be selling its strong coffee on Amazon, so it’ll be easy peasy to buy.

Now get this.

Black Insomnia strong Coffee will have 17,524 mg of caffeine per kilogram. To make that easy to understand, that’s 702mg per 12 fl. oz cup. To compare that to Starbucks in the same sized drink, Starbucks averages 195-260mg per 12 fl. oz cup depending on the type. Dunkin Donuts averages about 210mg caffeine per 14 fl. oz cup. The previous strongest coffee, Death Wish Coffee, contains about 660mg caffeine per 12 fl. oz cup. A 16oz bag will cost around $19.99, which is pretty reasonable for such a niche coffee.  Another contender at 702mg caffeine per cup is Biohazard coffee. Man, where are all these super strong coffees coming from?

So, according to all of these numbers, Black Insomnia will be the strongest you can buy. That’s strong coffee!

black insomnia strong coffeeBiohazard strong coffee

“It is time to offer something a little different – something stronger and darker, with an edge,” founder Sean Kristafor said of Black Insomnia in a press release.

The Mayo clinic also got into the act, saying, “Up to 400 mg of caffeine a day, appears to be safe for most healthy adults,” the medical research group said in the very same press release. “That’s equivalent to about four [6 oz cups] of brewed coffee,” which means that a single 6 oz cup (not 12!) of Black Insomnia nearly completes the daily recommended maximum intake.

Black Insomnia sources the most highly caffeinated Robusta beans, rather than the Arabica beans that are more flavorful and in the best coffees, and they do it without any burnt flavor or high acidity. So, the taste centers on a nutty yet sweet profile.

The list of antioxidants in coffee is vast as well.

Contained in coffee, which is also the world’s largest source of antioxidants, are Cafestrol, Trigonelline, Chlorogenic Acid, Other Phenols, Melanoidins, Quinine, and Caffeine (yes, it’s an antioxidant).

Coffee has more antioxidants than Green & black teas, and red wine.

Coffee is also thought to reduce the risk of some cancers, curb premature aging, prevent cogntive decline, and also reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

There are risks to having too much, and that mainly centers around caffeine and one’s individual sensitivity to it. There are also risks for overindulgance with strong coffee to pregnant women and men with already enlarged prostates.

So, if you are going to go with these extreme coffees, do so in moderation, okay?

Many of you may just wish to stick with a traditional brew like Dunkin Donuts strong coffee, which is pretty strong in its own right at 210mg caffeine per 14oz cup. That’s actually considered pretty high caffeine. I know it looks small compared to the insane coffees mentioned in this article, but for most people that’s all the kick they’ll need, especially if they are drinking more than one cup per day.


Update: Since creating this blog post, I have not actually seen Black Insomnia available on Amazon as promised. Maybe they are having trouble with supply or something. I keep checking and will update as needed, but I have provided alternatives in recent article updates so check those out within the article.

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