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Thai Jasmine New York City is Rockin Chinatown Thai Food Scene

Thai Jasmine Restaurant New York City

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Thai Jasmine is one of those little places that just does it right.

It’s a small Thai food restaurant right behind the massive New York City Superior Court buildings in Chinatown.

You know, it’s an area that frequently serves as a filming location for the popular Tom Selleck TV cop series, Blue Bloods.

Anyway, when you walk in, you are greeted by a small place.

A large bar dead center with flat screen TV’s.

To the right of the bar is a desk with a phone where they take phone orders and process credit cards. Behind that through a doorway is another dining type room with more seating.

The Foodie is a spicy food addict and simply ADORES the combination of sweet and spicy hot that is the trademark of much Thai food.

Thai Jasmine New York City Thai Food

Thai Jasmine New York City Thai Food

As usual when in New York City, the Foodie went in a group of cohorts.

Whenever I go to this place or order out (yes, they do takeout – BONUS!) I usually gravitate to the Drunken Noodles, which I love. You can order it with one main “meat” from a  choice. I usually get chicken or squid, pictured on this page is the one with the squid. The dish has a glorious orange color and the chili sauce is just TO DIE FOR.

The vegetables are fresh and crispy but cooked, just not cooked to death, as it should be. Whether chicken or squid, it’s cooked great and correct. Not much more to say. Their chef knows the way to do it.

Yes, the Foodie can’t get enough of the stuff.

I usually ask them to make it extra spicy.

Just make sure that if you ask for extra spicy in a Thai place that you can handle it.

Most people can’t.

The Foodie….. can.

Jasmine Thai Drunken Noodles Thai Food New York City

Isn’t that just grand?

The Looney Foodie HIGHLY recommends Thai Jasmine in New York City, if you are ever near Chinatown or just in NYC looking for a foodie stop.

The staff is friendly and they are always willing to spice it up if you ask.

I didn’t have a picture of the Thai iced tea on hand, but if you like a sweet yet pungent milky tea drink, it’s the PERFECT beverage for spicy Thai food.

This is some of the most reasonable restaurant food that you can get in New York City, and if you have priced many NYC restaurants then you know that eating in the Big Apple can kill your budget.

Is this the best food that NYC has to offer?

Nope. (We ARE talking New York City, here)

Is it great and reasonably priced, very tasty, freshly cooked, and just an overall great meal?


Is it a FABULOUS lunch?


If you’re in NYC, go get yourself some Jasmine Thai if you’re in the mood for the tasty kind of Thai food.


Thai Jasmine
106 Bayard St
New York, NY 10013
United States

b/t Baxter St & Mulberry St

(212) 349-3132



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